Invicta Watches Review

The watch manufacturing, Invicta is a 200 years old company located in Switzerland and Florida. It is known for the quality and style of its watches. Known for durability and classy appearance, the internet is flooded with the reviews of Invicta watches. These review include its labeling as good, bad and mediocre with respect to its quality and style

Today we have some unbiased and fact-checked Invicta watches review. For the review process, we took three of the watches from three different Invicta collections in order to give our readers a better idea about the Invicta brand.

Invicta Men’s 6620 II

Invicta Men’s 6620 II is undoubtedly in all time favorite wrist watch of men, all thanks to its classy and elegant nature. It offers a stainless and beautiful case with a very high durability. It is water resistant and has enhanced durability because of flame fusion crystals. The metallic hands in this watch are imprinted and have Arabic numbers. The price is affordable. It is well polished and elegant and there for it is the number one choice of all men. Since the date display is not magnified, it makes a bit laborious for the user to check it. It has 720+ consumer reviews available on and most of them are encouraging

Invicta Men’s 0070

Invicta Men’s 0070 Pro diver is clearly a watch for sportspersons. It has 2 dials and a silver bezel. It has a solid construction because of faux leather band and the concave crystal present on the unidirectional bezel. It has luminous panels in the dial which tend to increase the visibility 24/7. It is best suited for sea diver since it is water resistant for 660 feet. However, many customers label it as too big and claim that it seems to break very easily. It has 445+ reviews available on

The Invicta Men’s 6983

The Invicta men’s 6983 is also a sports watch. It has a tone of golden hue on its blue dial, which makes it sporty and classy. The case and crown designing is received well by the customers and is applauded by the purchasers from around the globe. The steel used is stainless and offers the water resistance of 330 feet. Its unidirectional bezel is composed of 18K gold plating. It is durable and reliable because if it’s mineral crystals. However, the band of the watch is of low quality and breaks easily, there are a lot of question about its water resistances which is not reported well by the customers. It has 415+ reviews by customer on the

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